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The true
machine builders
are at Boltronic

Do you need skilled engineers for hours or projects? Our team brings to your company experience and knowledge in assembling, wiring, programming and installing machines and robotic cells.


Let's team up for your next project

Share your challenges with us to find the service that best suits your needs.

Specialists in industrial automation projects

If you're struggling to source skilled blue-collar technicians or need to expand capacity for larger projects or speed up tight-deadline projects, you're in the right place!

At Boltronic, we collaborate with industry leaders in assembly and installation of industrial machinery, prioritizing client satisfaction and long-term support. Our commitment involves meeting rigorous safety standards while delivering high quality and responsive service.

When you hire our services on an hourly or project basis, you receive:



Our team of engineers has experience in different sectors, machinery, robots, and world-renowned brands.


Adaptability and 
quick response

Our support, whether hourly or project-based, provides effective, fast, and lasting solutions.


Ongoing support and value
added to your business

We focus on building long-term partnerships that evolve and grow with each of our clients across industries and countries


Tools and 

We use various tools and a skilled team to address issues in the realm of industry 4.0. 


Tailored services for any of your challenges

We bring our expertise to various industries that demand agile, productive and efficient projects.

Among our collaborators, you can find specialized profesionals such PLC programmers, robot programmers, welders, panel builders, mechanical engineers and project managers for your projects.

Our team of machine builders has extensive experience in developing complex projects. We adhere to high standards and strictly follow blueprints.
We have provided support in assembling manufacturing lines, assembly, cells, material handling projects, robotic cells, as well as in piping and structural projects.
We can deploy teams ranging from a single individual to as many as 25 resources at the same facility, providing internal leads or managers is also a viable option.
Our team is not afraid of working long days or extended weeks. We are confident that you will find them to be hardworking and committed to achieving goals.
Our team of certified electrical engineers and technicians are not only well-versed in electrical standard, but also in UL certifications and safety regulations.
We possess expertise in various services, including:
  • Panel construction
  • Wiring low voltage and power to motors by following blueprints and providing feedback
  • Commissioning of robots
  • VFD setup (Variable Frequency Drives)
  • Identifying and resolving electrical faults
We collaborate closely with electric and mechanical designers to ensure that everything aligns with the drawings or is corrected in the case of red lines
Our team in boasts extensive formal experience as PLC programmers, with expertise spanning several brands, including proficiency in Siemens and Allen Bradley systems.

Among our services, we offer:

  • Robotic material handling
  • Robotic assembly
  • Robotic welding
  • Conveyor material handling
  • Vision systems
  • Recipe drive programming
Our skilled team of robot programmers excels in writing, modifying, and optimizing, with specialized expertise in leading brands such as Fanuc, UR, and COMAU.

Specialists in world-class brands

Our team has experience in handling and programming specialized machinery.

Here are some of the brands we work with:


Customer experiences

The testimonials from our clients are the ultimate success stories.


“Boltronic has been an exceptional partner. Thanks to their highly skilled technicians, we have taken our site to a higher level in terms of equipment maintenance and efficiency. Our PM scores have experienced a significant increase, and our team now enjoys the necessary additional free time”.

Plant Manager CHEP

“We found the right product for a niche but we didn't have anybody to build it. With your help we just built and sell 24 units this year, you bring around 1M on profit to our company”.

CEO Alliance Automation

"No complaints, your guys don't need our support after the first month. They show up and do what we ask them to".

Operations Manager Guide Engineering

"We have been increasing our efforts on hiring, but our success rate has been going down as we dont find people that want to learn or work hard. Your guys like to work, they know what they do, and it is affordable to our company as they were our own employees".

HR Director Addtronics

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We are prepared for the unique requirements 
of your company

Here are some of our projects developed according to the needs
of our clients:

Robot and PLC programming | Installs in Mexico and the US | Panel building | Machine building | Electric wiring
Robot and PLC programming | Installs in Mexico and the US | Panel building | Machine building | Building equipment in Mexico | Electric wiring
Robot and PLC programming | Installs in Mexico and the US | Panel building | Machine building | Mechanical design support | Electric wiring
Maintenance support for PM's and corrective maintenance | Electric wiring
Robot and PLC programming | Installs in US and Asia | Panel building | Machine building | Electric wiring

Looking for similar support as part of your operations and engineering team?